Online check-in

ID Number


Not launched yet. Ticket verification

How does online check-in work?


Enter your ID number and your name.

Step 1 – Your information

Select your flights and enter the names of any other passengers in your party that you want to check in.

Step 2 – Extra options

Choose your seat, or arrange an extra comfortable seat.

Step 3 – Print documents

Print out your boarding pass and those of any passengers travelling with you. You can also e-mail the boarding pass to someone who can print the boarding pass for you, or print it out at a self-service kiosk at the airport.

Or get an electronic boarding pass

On many routes, you can request an electronic boarding pass. You will receive it on your smartphone, PDA, Blackberry or mobile phone with Internet access. The text message or e-mail you receive will include all the flight information and a barcode that you can scan at the airport. Read more about the electronic boarding pass.

In some cases, electronic boarding passes may be not available. You must then print out your check-in confirmation and exchange it at the airport for a boarding pass.

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